BowHaus Limited Edition Pigment prints hang in galleries and private collections around the world.  Our prints are produced on Canon’s imagePROGRAF wide format printers, and our monochrome (B&W) prints are created using BowHaus’s proprietary True Black and White™ software driver.

Our Limited Editions are typically small in number  and large in size.  Most editions are twelve to sixteen prints and each print is wide format – up to 60″ wide and larger in length.  Please call or email us regarding smaller prints.

We also offer custom, handcrafted frames for prints we create in-house.  Print and frame pricing is based on size.

Please call or email for more information and pricing.


Post production/Retouching begins with a digital photographer’s RAW camera file and ends with a finished image ready for print or publication. Our digital post production team has decades of experience meeting the demands of the fine art, photographic, film and entertainment industry.

We combine equal parts of creativity and technical wizardry to make your vision a reality.

Please call or email for a quote.


BowHaus has been producing ultra-high resolution LVT transparencies/negatives continuously since 1992.  Our LVT film recorder “prints” digital image files on photographic film and is capable of up to 120 pixels per millimeter.  Originally manufactured by Kodak, the LVT high fidelity, high resolution Film Recorder offers photographers and the scientific community extreme precision film output not available elsewhere.

Over the years, we developed our own “closed loop” color calibration between the Crosfield Drum Scans and LVT Film Recorder. We can scan your film, and deliver an LVT Film output that rivals your original for resolution and is accurate in color.  No longer manufactured by Kodak, BowHaus has one of the few operational LVT’s in the world.

Our LVT’s are printed on 4×5, 8×10 film.  We also print 35mm sized LVT’s with a minimum of (4).  Please call or email for more technical information and pricing.


Crosfield was a British electronics imaging company.  They made some of the most highly sought after prepress Drum Scanners in the world, capable of ultra-high resolution and extreme color fidelity.  We have been using Crosfield Drum Scanners since 1992 to produce the quality and resolution demanded by photographers and film archivists.  We can scan from film transparencies, negatives (B&W or color) and prints that are flexible enough to mount to our scanning drums.

The Crosfield Drum Scanners are no longer being manufactured, and BowHaus is one of very few providers of this service in the world.

Please call or email for pricing and technical information.


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