Our customers are professional photographers, graphic designers, corporations and ad agencies. Some clients are in-house art departments, while others are freelance designers who work for studios or other entertainment companies.

Currently, our services and products include digital scanning, retouching, printing and developing software for fine art printmaking. Our R&D is focused on creating unique and powerful solutions for the emerging needs of the rapid-growth digital photography market.

printing + framing

We currently specialize in limited edition printmaking for fine art photographers and collectors. Our archival pigment fine art prints hang in galleries and private collections around the world. We print exclusively on Canon’s line of imagePROGRAF wide format pigment printers.

In 19XX, we became a Canon XXXXXXX and developed a monochrome print driver application to create archival pigment prints that rival traditional silver prints.

Some of our clients need a one-stop shop for printing and framing, so we currently offer custom, handcrafted frames to meet their needs.

Please note that we only frame prints that we create in-house.

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scanning +LVT

Crosfield Drum Scanning

Drum scanners were considered by many the ‘gold standard’ in the print industry. In our opinion, the Crosfield line of drum scanners were the best of the best. So when we opened our doors in 1992, the Crosfield XXX Drum Scanner was our first investment in technology.

Working with Crosfield engineers, we adapted a traditionally CMYK drum scanner into an RGB scanner perfect for photographers and anyone needing high resolution, high fidelity image files from photographic film.

Only a few Crosfield Drum Scanners are in operation today. We have XX Crosfield Drum Scanners, and our scanner operators have decades of experience. We scan from transparencies, negatives (color and b&w).

Kodak LVT Film Recorder

A film recorder “prints” digital image files on film. The Kodak #### LVT Film Recorder was our second major equipment acquisition. No longer in production, the LVT Film Recorder is an ultra-high resolution device capable of 120 pixels per millimeter.

Over the years, we developed our own “closed loop” color calibration between the Crosfield Drum Scans and LVT Film Recorder. We can scan your film, and deliver an LVT Film output that rivals your original for resolution and is highly color accurate.

We have XXX LVT Film Recorders in operation, and have offered this service since the early 90’s. This high fidelity, high resolution Film Recorder continues to provide photographers and the scientific community with precision film output not available elsewhere.

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Post production/Retouching begins with a digital photographer’s RAW camera file and ends with a finished image ready for print or publication. Our digital post production team has decades of experience satisfying the demands of the fine art, photographic, film and entertainment industry.

We combine equal parts of creativity and technical wizardry to make your vision a reality.

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