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Crosfield Drum Scans

All Pixels are not created equal. Choose the BEST! Use BowHaus Drum Scans for the highest possible quality.

Crosfield Drum Scanner

We scan from all transparencies, negatives, and reflective artwork up to 20" x 24". Artwork must be flexible enough to wrap around a scanning drum.

We can supply your scans in CMYK for four color process printing or in RGB for the ultimate in versatility (print, film, archiving, web, etc.).

Please call for Scan Pricing.


  • 8 bit Tiff
  • RGB colorspace
  • Adobe 1998 RGB profile embedded
  • 60 Mb (RGB)
  • Uncompressed
  • USM: Images will receive a minimum of scanner sharpening, and no post sharpening will be applied.
  • Images will be cropped to remove film rebate.
  • Black point and white point will be set to achieve maximum tonal range without 'clipping'.

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