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InkJet Control™ and OpenPrintMaker™

InkJet Control™ Profiles

What are InkJet Control™ Profiles?

IJC/OPM Profiles modulate each of your printer's printhead ink ouput, with the goal of achieving smooth tonal transitions and precisely controlled ink output.

These profiles should not be confused with ICC profiles: they do not tag image files or tell monitors how to display images. IJC/OPM Profiles are "recipes" that enable the printmaker to customize and control results from various printers, inkset and paper combinations.

An IJC/OPM Profile is composed of 16-bit splines or "curves" created and modified within IJC Ink Tweaks Window. There is one spline for every active printhead and ink channel.

IJC/OPM ships with a library of Profiles for popular UltraChrome™ and quadtone inksets and papers. You can create your own Profiles or modify existing ones.

Blending between Profiles

OpenPrintMaker™ has a special Blend Feature, which is a sliding control that allows the user to "blend" between two profiles to vary the hue of a print.

This time-saving function allows you to quickly adjust the degree of warmth or hue to suit a specific image. The Blend Feature eliminates the need to create many different Profiles for varying hue.

BLEND Simulation ~~>

Linearizing and Calibrating Profiles

Linearization is an InkJet Control™ Feature that can be used to remove "bumps" and smooth out the splines in a Profile and also to maintain consistent results between prints or different printers.

For example, you can Linearize Profiles for an Epson 2200 and Epson 9600 printer to produce almost identical prints.

A flatbed scanner, densitometer or spectrophotometer can be used for Profile Linearization.

The "Dotless" Print and Quadtone Inksets

Quadtone and monochrome inksets have different dilutions of black. Luminous highlights that appear "dotless", even under a lupe, can be achieved by "placing" only the lightest dilution of ink in the highlights. This is easily done by manipulating an IJC/OPM Profile's splines.

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