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35mm Slide Output

Output Resolution
4K (4096 x 2732)
Files are optically sized to the film recorders native resolution during exposing.

File Format
JPEG, Photoshop or TIFF RGB & Greyscale files.

File Size
Raster files no larger than 4096 x 2732. View LVT specs sheet

Color Space
Gamma 2.2 (Greyscale)

Black is automatically added if the image is not proportional to the 2x3 aspect ratio of a 35mm slide.

Image cropping in slide mounts
Although each image is imaged Full Frame, there is a small amount of the image that will be convered by the slide mount. Since we expose files AS-IS, if important detail is close to the image's edge you can add a small black border to the image. This will ensure that no part of your image is cropped by the slide mount.

Normal Turnaround is (10) business days. Call for RUSH pricing and scheduling.

$20 per slide (minimum 4)

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