InkJet Control™ and OpenPrintMaker™

BowHaus, Inc. announces MacOS X version of InkJet Control/OpenPrintMaker (IJC/OPM) software with many new features

BowHaus has released InkJet Control/Open PrintMaker 1.1 (IJC/OPM) printmaking software (7/5/04), completely redesigned from the ground up for full MacOS X Panther compatibility. This release features support for more Epson printers and media, the added ability to import multiple file formats and several user interface enhancements. Registered owners of InkJet Control 1.0,1.02 will receive IJC/OPM 1.1 as a free upgrade. A special version of IJC/OPM will also be included as the software portion of Lyson’s soon to be released Daylight Darkroom digital black and white printing solution.

Since its first release in March of 2003, IJC/OPM has gained underground support as a stand-alone application that frees the B&W printmaker from "canned" profiles or RGB workflows. The software was developed for quality conscious digital B&W Fine Art Printmakers who demand full control over their printer and media. Users of IJC/OPM can combine multiple inksets from different manufacturers to create custom profiles for popular Epson printers.

IJC/OPM 1.1 now supports more Epson printers from the US and European market including the 860, 980, 1160, 3000, 1200, 1270, 1280, 1290, 2100, 2200, 7000, 7500, 9000, 9500, 7600 and 9600. The latest version enables printmakers to use larger format paper, roll paper and specify custom paper sizes. Another new feature is the ability to import a variety of file formats including TIFF, PSD, JPEG and others. All of IJC/OPM profiles and rendering algorithms operate in 16-bit, over 65 million shades of gray, resulting in smoother gradations and transitions. IJC/OPM internally converts all 8-bit grayscale files to 16-bit during printing to take advantage of the 16-bit profiles and rendering algorithms (16-bit files remain 16-bit).

The printmaker can create, edit and save their own 16-bit profiles to control the tonal shape of each individual ink. The most significant user interface addition is a quicker way to manipulate ink behavior using the new drop-down starter ink shapes. In this mode users can select where an ink starts, where it ends and how much of it to use. Without having to be a curve scientist.. On top of added stability gained from MacOS X, OPM/IJC now has a sleeker AQUA interface. Movable “sheets” rather than window dialog boxes, sleek sliders, drag-n-drop image importing, and profile tone simulation for single or blended profiles.

Multiple profiles can be blended together using the slider-based “Blender’ feature to achieve instant hue variations. Printmakers with a densitometer, spectrophotometer or flatbed scanner can micro-tune each profile with IJC/OPM’s powerful 16-bit Linearization Engine to remove "bumps" and inconsistencies. The Linearization function ensures consistent results despite minor printer variations and different batches of ink or paper.

IJC/OPM ships with an existing set of profiles and retails for $249.95. For more information, contact BowHaus at 323-937-8400 (Mon-Fri 9am- 6pm PST) or email