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Quality Control for Monochrome Printing
QC - The ability to produce consistent and repeatable results.

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Antonis Ricos Interview
The digital B&W guru reveals his secrets for using IJC/OPM, and highlights NEW Features in the Windows version.

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Nick Brandt Interview
Elegy to A Vanishing World:
the photographs of Nick Brandt

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IJC/OPM Contributor's Section

We would like to thank all the contributors for their support and willingness to share their knowledge with the entire printmaking community.

If you would like to make a contribution please e-mail us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Ink Limits
By Andrew McIntyre

Explains the IJC/OPM Ink Limit function, and how it is used to avoid oversaturation and make maximum usage of each ink channel curve .

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A New User's Tutorial to Using IJC/OPM
By Lou Dina

A practical tutorial for new and experienced IJC/OPM users. Excellent step-by-step instructions for working with IJC/OPM's unique profiles.

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By Lou Dina

When you view a B&W image under controlled lighting, such as balanced 5000K viewing lights, you may see a perfectly neutral B&W image without any hints of color. However, move to a different light source for viewing, such as incandescent, fluorescent or daylight, and you may begin to see hints of magenta, green or yellow, which leave your image looking less than neutral. This article explains the phenomenon known as "metamerism".

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